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Pandorium is a futuristic adult computer game being developed by GriyArts on Patreon.

A thousand years in the future...
you are challenged to build and develop a new space colony. 
You start with 18 new immigrants. You must build and develop your food, 
resources and population to survive. Build farms, mine resources and breed 
your citizens for success. Pandorium is an online game for adults 
with a lot of sex scenes and nudity. 
We warn that the game has violence, group sex and profanity.

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**Important: Pandorium is still in ALPHA , not everything works perfect. Be patient and give feedback.

Hi, my name is Doc Robert! I'm a fan and character in the game Pandorium: Colonization of Space.

  In Pandorium, you have to build, farm, mine and most importantly BREED your way to success. This game includes a large amount of sexual content, nudity, bad language, offensive behavior and really sweet sexy alien tush. If you are opposed to or in anyway offended by any of those subjects this is not for you.Edit

Help!?! I don't like offensive things or I am under the age of 18.

Get me out of here!

Click this link to find something more appropriate

Ok now that we got the kiddos off watching some cartoons, let's get down to business. Wait?! That doesn't sound right.

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Sirians Skills and training system Species Time Resources Job Classes
Allocation Breeding Market Achievements Events Bank of Universe
Monk Your Home Spaceport




Bank of Universe


Business Sector

City Hall



Hall of Fame


Job Classes

Living Sector



Passage of Time




Skills and training system



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